Race07 - SIMS PACIFIC METALS R76-106 HANDICAP PACE 4YO+ (Alexandra Park), 2700m

Alexandra Park Harness Alexandra Park - 16-Sep-2016

NoHorseLead TimeFirst 1/23rd 1/44th 1/4Last 1/2Last MileFinish Time
4Start Dreaming1:33.3 (4)1:03.7 (4)26.5 (4)26.653.11:56.83:30.1
1Zach Maguire1:32.3 (1)1:04.1 (1)26.7 (1)27.253.91:58.03:30.3
6No Doctor Needed1:33.7 (5)1:02.9 (2)26.6 (2)27.353.91:56.83:30.5
2First Home1:32.7 (2)1:04.1 (3)26.6 (3)27.153.71:57.83:30.5
5Little Rascal1:32.9 (3)1:04.1 (5)26.7 (5)26.953.61:57.73:30.6
3Ideal Belle1:34.0 (6)1:03.4 (6)26.4 (6)27.053.41:56.83:30.8

Please note. The number in the ( ) after the time is the position at that time

Mile Rate: 2:05.2 Lead Time: 1:32.4 Last Mile: 1:57.8 Last 800m: 53.7 Last 400m: 27.0

Times first past each marker:

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